Susan Raufer

Past President

Sue and her daughter Laura are twinning at Connection Cafe in Fletcher Hall at UU Montclair

Sue has been a UU for 14 years, and a member of the UUCM with her daughter, Laura Anthony, since 2007. Sue is widowed and is the mother of two sons as well, and she recently became a grandmother. Sue is an immigration lawyer, and has worked most of her career in the US Government, specializing in asylum. Sue previously served as Secretary of the Board.  She has also served on the Worship Committee, the UU Theatre Group, the Food Diplomacy Covenant Group, the Cakes group, and most recently she was the Chair of the Membership Committee.  While many people are change averse, Sue finds herself energized by the possibilities that change can bring. That is why she decided that this would be a particularly good time for her to accept the nomination to serve as the congregation’s President at this exciting and changing time in the congregation’s history.