Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael

Senior Co-Minister

Rev Anya Sammler-Michael appears in a white blouse with shoulder length light brown hair pinned to the side

Rev. Anya leads the congregation in

Rev. Anya leads the congregation in ″laugh yoga.″

Responding to a call that I had first felt as a youth, Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael pursued a Master of Divinity at Meadville Lombard Theological School. From 2007-2017, Rev. Anya served the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Sterling, in Sterling, Virginia, where she participated in the development of a county wide interfaith association, serving as the board chair for the first four years. Recognition of her justice work included the opportunity to provide the invocation at two presidential campaign events, one led by Michelle Obama and the other by Barack Obama. 

In 2017 Rev. Scott and Rev. Anya accepted the call to serve this congregation as senior-co ministers, fulfilling the aim that they had held since graduating seminary and uniting in marriage. Central to her current ministry is the honest confrontation necessary to dismantle white supremacy, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and sexism. In her sermons, Rev. Anya stresses humility and and relationship as avenues to engage the holy of one’s own understanding. 

Rev. Anya is an avid gardener, cook, and lifelong vegetarian. She has had the pleasure of sharing her days with many four legged friends – the least common of all, a sheep.  She practices yoga and meditation and maintains a regular prayer practice. If the sun is shining she is determined to feel it on her face. Whenever possible, she seeks the ocean and the soul cleansing that only salt water can provide.

My heart is moved by all I cannot save: so much has been destroyed. I have to cast my lot with those who age after age, perversely, with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world.

Adrienne Rich


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