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2021 Pledge Drive

2021 Pledge Drive


Campaign Target


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In the Unitarian Universalist tradition it is you, our members and friends, who fund our building, staff, and programs. Your time, talent, and treasure are what make our “spiritual home” possible. We get no money from our denomination; we fund it.

 We engage through our committees and teams, worship services, community service, and social justice projects for a more just and loving world. Our pledge drive makes this possible.

We are ENGAGING here at UUCM!
Religion is about life–finding and making meaning in it. By being engaged with UUCM, you are in a place where you can find meaning and connection in a community of like-minded people.

ENGAGING to Fund Our Vision
Our major source of funding is the Annual Pledge, which is a commitment of financial resources.

Pledging is better than non-pledged income, like the collection plate. It enables staff and volunteers to plan, knowing how much income to expect. Though we raise money with the Auction and rentals, about 75% of our income comes from Pledges.

ENGAGE for Community
Pledges can be calculated in a way that works for your budget:

  • UUCM pledges range from $200 to more than $20,000 a year.

  • Our average annual pledge is $2,600.

  • Most UU congregations suggest annual pledges of 3% of your pretax income.

Of course some cannot give that much and some have much more. But we ALL can pledge SOMETHING. Pledging is a sacred act and a religious duty for those who are able to give.

Our 2020-21 pledge goal is $550,000, a 5% increase over last year

This year we wish to:

  • Make more progress towards fair compensation, including health benefits and raises as appropriate (ministers and staff)

  • Support the music program

  • Fund efforts identified as priorities during strategic planning, including social justice, membership, and family ministry

Want to pledge online? Follow these helpful tips then tap the button below!

  • Use the same email associated with your Realm account

  • Make sure you designate “Pledges” as the fund

  • Choose “Give once” if you’d like to give your entire pledge payment in one lump sum, then change the “gift date” to 7/1/2020

  • Choose “Give multiple times” if you’d like to spread out your payments, then change the “gift date” range to 7/1/2020-6/30/2021


Thanks for all you do for UUCM!

Contact our administrator, Danielle Carlo, if you have any questions.