iPonder: Intern Minister Service

From Patricia Patrick, member of the Internship Team

When an Intern Minister arrives at the church, an Intern Service Agreement is created.  The agreement is carefully and thoughtfully created by the Intern Minister and the church provides the internship site. Goals and objectives are established to meet the needs and requirements of the Intern Minister. Examples include a Unitarian Universalist belief system, profession competence and academic proficiency.

The Ministerial Internship is meaningful and rich. How can the congregation assist in creating a supportive and well-synchronized relationship?  Useful suggestions include:

· Be positive and welcoming—even cheerful!

· Have a conversation and get to know the Intern Minister while also welcoming the Intern’s family.

· Let the Intern Minister know when you liked a sermon, message, etc. and how it was delivered.

· If you feel a need to offer constructive feedback and suggestions, be positive and kindly honest.

· Let the Intern Minister know you are glad the minister is there!

· When the internship ends, let the Intern Minister know you appreciated and enjoyed their time with the congregation.

· And remember the old saying…”If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”

Some interesting facts about the name “Antonia.”

· Antonia is an English name meaning “highly praiseworthy.” It also means “She Knows” and “Precious”

· From a  Roman Clan name in the 17 Century—Anthony—was associated with the word “Anthos,” meaning “flower.”

· As a name of a woman in the Antonius Family, its meaning  is “Priceless,” “Praiseworthy,” and “Beautiful.”