iPonder: The In Between

There is a tenderness in this space of time that we are living in. Not here and not quite there. Our lives on hold and yet barreling forward almost as if the mundane can’t take a break from being. I watch as the dog still needs to go out, the meetings continue, the kids still bicker and, laugh, and talk too boisterously for such quiet times as these. 

I am reminded that time travels as it does, pressing forward unhampered by our desire to have it stop and acknowledge all that is happening, has happened. As I am in this place of between I find myself periodically incensed by the blasphemy of time inching forward without a care for the uncertainty of living in this enormity of emotion that our drastically changed lives sink in, I am reminded.

The grass will grow, the flowers will bloom, there will be thunderstorms and periods of sunshine, and just like days move to night and back again, so will we pass through this time. I’ll see you on a zoom screen near you.

In this in-between time the poem, A Letter In Return,  by Rev. Lynn Ungar has given me something to ponder:

This song, Bridge Over Troubled Water has helped me during these times:

I am also beginning a weekly lunch meeting on Friday. “Chat and Chew” will be held Fridays at Noon. I will bring my own lunch, a check in question, a conversation starter (if needed) and a willingness to get to know each other better. You bring your own lunch and a willingness to get to know each other better. Everyone is welcome. Children under 10 need parental participation to be able to join in, fully.

Intern Minister Antonia Bell-Delgado